Frequently Asked Questions

Check the wiring behind your TV. Make sure your display is plugged into a working receptacle. Make sure that your video cable (HDMI, Component, etc.) is connecting your TV to your set-top box.

How can i connect my HDMI cable to my KC TV?

Your KC Digital TV has multiple HDMI ports to accommodate your multiple high definition media needs. Simply connect both sides of your HDMI cable (one to the TV and the other to the media source) and switch the input source of your TV to HDMI.

I have no audio output from the TV.

Reset the TV accessing the using menu button > setup > restore default> yes. Make sure there is nothing plugged into the Earphone or Coaxial ports on the buttom of the TV. Turn the volume up. This should enable the audio output.

How do i connect my XBox/ PS/Wii to my KC TV?

This can be done in several ways. You can use either an HDMI cable connection as well as a component cable. With the latter option, an audio connection is necessary as well.

How do i setup my Audio Tuner/amp with my TV?

There are 3 main ways to set up the audio tuner with the TV.

The main input (Cable connection/ HDMI) goes to the TV. The headphone output would give a stereo output which you may connect your audio tuner. This is a stereo out and will mute the TV.

The output from a DVD player. The Video (yellow) goes to the display, Right (red) and Left (white) audio to your audio tuner.

Directly connect your source to audio tuner via HDMI. Modern day audio tuners have audio filtering and video out on the tuner. On the tuner, connect HDMI IN to your source and connect HDMI OUT to your TV.

Is my KC Television High Definition?

Depending on the model of your KC TV, it may or may not be High Definition. All of our newer models are indeed High Definition and the older standard definition models of TVs have been discontinued.

My TV is connected to a digital antenna but the picture has a lot of noise (pixilated, hazy, static, etc.). Is there something wrong with my TV?

It is highly unlikely that your TV is the cause of the problem. Be sure to check both your antenna connection as well as your antenna signal. In the unlikely case that it is, please contact a KC customer service representative. 

Is my KC TV's warranty valid if I bought it from an unauthorized dealer?

Unfortunately, KC is unable to validate those warranties of TVs purchased from unauthorized dealers. If you are unclear whether or not your TV was purchased from an authorized dealer, please contact KC.


How do i restore my KC TV to the original factory settings?

Press the menu button on your remote. Go to options > reset > execute.

What is the difference between a LED and LCD TV?

The crucial difference between an LCD and LED TV is the back light source. In LCD televisions, back light is provided by fluorescent tubes, and in LED televisions, back light is provided by LEDs. Advantages of LED back light include higher energy efficiency, better picture quality, and slimmer TV designs. 

What is a 120Hz TV, and what are the benefits?

A typical 60Hz television can display a progressively-scanned frame every 1/60th of a second. A 120Hz television can display a frame evry 1/120th of a second. This translates to higher frame rates and better motion qualiy. If you're into sports, or high-speed gaming, you should consider a 120Hz televisiom, since fast movement will be much clearer and sharper.

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